Version 6

  • Updated the underlying argus-api to version 2.0.0

  • Breaking change: some autogenerated argus-cli commands in the authentication v1 module have changed name.

Version 6.20.0

Migrated from customers v1 to v2 API.

Version 6.19.0

Added option reason-locale-delimiter to argus-cli cases change-status to support --reason comments in both Norwegian and English.

Version 6.18.0

Extends cases autocreate with option request_soc_analysis, which specifies whether to always request the “socAnalysis” workflow on case creation or update. Defaults to False.

6.18.x patches

  • 6.18.1: Fixed bug where template comments would not be added to autocreated cases when new events are associated to the case using the argus-cli cases autocreate command.

  • 6.18.2: Fixed a bug in cases autocreate where the --group-by option would be ignored for test cases.

Version 6.17

Extends datastore sync and datastore update with options to lowercase keys (--lowercase-key) and values (--lowercase-value).

6.17.x patches

  • 6.17.1: Fixed default value not being used if reading from a csv file with a single column.

  • 6.17.2: Regression on default_value handling and fix bugs for changing case on keys

  • 6.17.3: Updated the list of valid flags for event search

  • 6.17.4: Fixed bug in datastore sync where datastore keys with escaped characters (ex. \\) caused large requests to fail.

Version 6.17

Extends datastore sync and datastore update with options to lowercase keys (--lowercase-key) and values (--lowercase-value).

Version 6.16

Changes the cases autocreate logic to only create one transaction for case status update and comment when --status-on-update option is provided.

Version 6.15

Extends the cases autocreate command with functionality to use case fields.


  • Usage of --tags is now deprecated. Any usage should use --fields instead. Note that field names must be pre-defined in Argus before they can be used in a command.

  • Anything reading the tags CreatedByCron, case-autocreate-key and case-autocreate-group should now read from the corresponding case field instead of tag. CreatedByCron has been re-named to created-by-cron.

  • You can now use a new option --use-fields [true/false] (see additions below). This flag will be removed once tags as a whole is removed from the command.


  • You can pass case fields with --fields, exactly in the same manner as --tags.

  • Existing internal tags are now created as fields as well as tags.

  • If the tag CreatedByCron is supplied, then it will be automatically added as the field created-by-cron as well.

  • In a transition period, --use-fields [true/false] can be set to use case fields for existing case identification instead of tags. The default for this is False for now, but will be set to True in some time. This flag will be removed when tags as a whole is removed.

Version 6.14

Adds the cases autocreate-yaml command to support configuration-based autoreports.

6.14.x patches

  • 6.14.7: Fixed dependency requirements.

  • 6.14.6: Fixed an issue with plugin loading affecting newer Python versions.

  • 6.14.5: Fixed PyPI metadata.

  • 6.14.4: Added --send-to-qa option to cases autocreate. --internal-case is now marked as deprecated.

  • 6.14.3: Fixed an edge case in cases autocreate where it did not properly find an existing open case in some circumstances.

  • 6.14.2: fixed a bug causing the events search command to return invalid output when no results were found.

  • 6.14.1: fixed a critical bug preventing the events search command to function after the last release.

Version 6.13

6.13.x patches

  • 6.13.2: removed references to discontinued legacy endpoints

  • 6.13.1: Fix a bug where argus-cli datastores update –customer could not be used with environment authentication.


Version 6.12

  • Introduced compatibility with python 3.10.

6.12.x patches

  • 6.12.9: fixed a bug that caused multiple options to have no effect

  • 6.12.8: fixed a bug that caused the datastore values to be stored as OrderedDict objects

  • 6.12.7: fixed a bug that caused the datastore synchronize command to fail when provided with the absolute path to a CSV file

  • 6.12.6: fixed an issue where running argus-cli on python 3.8+ would display SyntaxWarnings

  • 6.12.5: fixed a bug that caused the datastore synchronize command to fail

  • 6.12.3: fixed a bug that prevented some options to be set.

  • 6.12.2: Introduced compatibility with argus-api 3.

  • 6.12.1: fixed an issue where a bad combination of dependencies could be installed and cause the cli to crash.

Version 6.11

Version 6.10

  • Rename the argus-cli cases change-status --keyword option to --keywords. --keyword is still supported but is considered deprecated and will be removed in a future version.

Version 6.9

6.9.x patches

  • 6.9.2: fixed a bug where the argus-cli cases autocreate --request-workflow option to the autocreate command would skip requesting the workflow if the same workflow had previously been acknowledged.

  • 6.9.1: updated dependencies to require argus-api 2.7.2 or greater.

  • 6.9.3: updated dependencies to require argus-api 2.7.2 or greater, addressing a bug where some commands could get stuck in an infinite loop.

Version 6.8

6.8.x patches

  • 6.8.1: fixed a bug where the argus-cli cases change-status command would crash and ignore remaining cases when failing to update a case’s status.

Version 6.7

Version 6.6

Version 6.5

Version 6.4

  • Expanded possible formats for customer-imports to include the following fields: - Network for ip address and subnet. - Description and Zone with capital initial letters - Flags, separated by | - LocationShortName to designate the location.

  • These changes are backwards compatible with the old fields.

  • Flags will now properly be set when creating a network

Version 6.3

  • Updated jinja max version to <4.

Version 6.2

  • deprecated the argus_cli.helpers.pagination. Using it will trigger a deprecation warning and will fail in future versions. Use the argus_api.pagination Module from the argus-api package instead.

Version 6.1

6.1.x patches

  • 6.1.6: fixed an issue where the events search command would crash on empty result sets.

  • 6.1.5: fixed an issue where paginated queries would never terminate if the API returned an incorrect object count.

  • 6.1.4: fixed an issue where input time periods were subtracted a few milliseconds.

  • 6.1.3: Fixed argus-cli 2.2.0 compatibility warnings.

  • 6.1.1: Fixed a bug where a case description was generated as a comment when a pre-existing closed case existed and the argus-cli cases autocreate --closed-case-update option was set to new-case.

  • 6.1.2: Fixed an issue where values expected for the --group-by parameter of the argus-cli events statistics command did not match those expected by the API.

6.0.x patches

  • 6.0.1: Added case subject to autocreate output.

  • 6.0.2: Print case subject, description and associated events in autocreate output.

Version 5

  • Breaking change: includes support is now optional and will be enabled if the pyyaml-include package is installed in the environment. the dependency can be installed with the toolbelt using pip install argus-toolbelt[includes].

Version 5.1

  • added a --exclude-customer option to the cases remind command.

5.1.x patches

  • 5.1.1: fixed typos in an error message

Version 5.0

5.0.x patches

  • 5.0.9: added AUTO_REPORT to the list of valid Argus event flags

  • 5.0.8: updated dependencies

  • 5.0.7: made dependency requirements more lax to avoid compatibility issues

  • 5.0.6: fixed a bug that caused the autocreate command the autocreate command to fail when requesting a workflow that had already been requested and not acknowledged.

  • 5.0.5: fixed an issue where the datastore sync command could crash when operating on many or very long keys.

  • 5.0.4: notification-check will now be limited to customer subscribed to MSS services.

  • 5.0.3: updated dependencies

  • 5.0.2 : excluded status-only changes from notification-check

  • 5.0.1 : toned down logging warnings during argument parser initialization.

Version 4

Version 4.8

4.8.x patches

  • 4.8.1 : adjusted how the notification-check command filters cases, excluding internal and restricted cases.

Version 4.7

  • New feature: added support for includes in the configuration files, allowing to break it into multiple files.

Version 4.6

4.6.x patches

  • 4.6.1: adjusted the logging output - the Setting up module for commands message has been removed !

Version 4.5

4.5.x patches

  • 4.5.1 :

  • fixed a bug where the datastores dump command would only return the first 25 keys found.

  • new developer feature : added the offset_paginated() function/decorator to help manage paginated result sets.

  • 4.5.2 : modified argument parser to support @current

Version 4.4

  • New developer feature : added yellow and cyan output coloring helpers

4.4x patches

  • 4.4.1 - changed the notification-check command to ignore updates that only affected and case’s status and/or priority

Version 4.3

Updated the notification-check command :

  • the --max-retries option has been removed (retries are now provided by the API library)

  • updates that originate from Mnemonic are now excluded from the script’s output

4.3x patches

Version 4.2

  • New feature: Added support for changing the timeout of requests to the Argus API, see configuration: timeout

  • fixed

Version 4.1

4.1x patches

  • 4.1.4 - 4.1.5: Updated the minimum required version of argus-api to fix a critical bug

  • 4.1.3: Updated the minimum required version of argus-api library, which will now provide automatic retries on network errors and sane timeout defaults.

  • 4.1.2: fixed a bug where the notification-check command would consider an update notified when only a mnemonic contact had been notified.

  • 4.1.1: updated dependencies

Version 3

Version 3.8

  • New feature: Added the argus-cli cases notification-check --max-retries option, allowing automatic retries on network failures

  • API : Added the new argus_cli.helpers.retry.retry() helper, allowing retries of arbitrary callables

3.8x patches

  • 3.8.2: added more retry cases when argus-cli cases notification-check --max-retries is used

  • 3.8.1 : will now retry on Argus API errors when the argus-cli cases notification-check --max-retries option is used in order to mitigate 503 errors

Version 3.7

3.7x patches

  • 3.7.2: fixed a bug where grouping or sorting events by a field not set on one or more of the events would cause the cases autocreate command to crash

  • 3.7.1: added the Read The Docs theme as a dependency for documentation output