The aim of this article is to give solutions to common problems found with the toolbelt.

SSL Problems

If you’re behind a proxy with SSL-stripping you’ll most likely run into problems with pip and while running the toolbelt.


To resolve SSL issues with pip you’ll either have to specifically trust pipy or^ add a SSL certificate.

To add a SSL certificate, use the following option on your pip call:

--cert /path/to/certificate

Alternatively add this to your pip config :

cert = /path/to/certificate

To just trust pypi you can add the following options to your pip call (this is an easy way of fixing the problem, but is not recommended):

--trusted-host --trusted-host --trusted-host


The toolbelt utilizes requests to do HTTP requests against Argus. To solve SSL issues, you’ll have to make sure than requests trusts all involved certificates.

If an extra certificate is need, you will need to generate a CA bundle (by concatenating all trusted certificates together in the PEM format) and instruct reauests to use it using the REQUESTS_CA_BUNDLE environment variable :