Argus Toolbelt

Argus Toolbelt is a framework for unifying commandline tools to interact with Argus under one command. This framework also makes it easy for others to develop their own commands with a simple pythonic interface.

While any command can be made, Argus is also a first class citizen, meaning that a command developer won’t have to deal with auth and HTTP requests.


As with most other packages, Argus Toolbelt is available on PyPi.

pip install argus-toolbelt

After the package has been installed, it can be ran as argus-cli on the commandline.

For a full list of commands, try:

argus-cli --help

If you for example want to check statistics for all cases, you can write:

argus-cli cases statistics


This repository is using Poetry as it’s dependency system, meaning it has to be installed on your system first.

pip install poetry

To install this repository use:

poetry install

Now you should be able to run with:

poetry run argus-cli